A VISIT TO NFL FILMS... One of the most incredible football museums in America is, unfortunately, closed to the general public.

Its walls are covered with hundreds - more likely thousands - of football posters, football photographs and football art, as well as covers of football programs and assorted magazines with football themes. There are artistic montages made up of football subjects.

And there is an exhibit of the most extensive collection of football board games in existence.

But the funny part is, it's not a museum at all. It might as well be, but it's actually the headquarters of NFL Films, in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

Its halls - and walls - contain one of the most extensive displays of football memorabilia to be found anywhere, and to a football historian - or anyone who respects the game's past - it is heaven.

I had the privilege of touring the NFL Films offices recently, and managed to take a few photos...

NFL FILMS HEADQUARTERS, Mount Laurel, New Jersey - If you didn't know where it was, you'd never be able to find it

Cool - We're Backstage while NFL Play Book is being taped on the other side of that screen. (Shhh.)

This is the sound stage where the music behind all those highlights films is recorded. It's capable of handling a 60-piece orchestra

Inside the main control room. The feeds from every NFL game being played come through here on their way to be taped. (Think it isn't hectic on a fall Sunday?)

This room contains a collection of every football board game ever made - that's Vince Lombardi's game, at lower left center!

This movie starred Old Number 98 himself, Tom Harmon, and co-starred Forest Evashevski, Harmon's Michigan teammate (and future Iowa coach)

The forgettable movie "Triple Threat," featuring such NFL stars as Bob Waterfield, Steve Van Buren, Charlie Trippi, Bill Dudley and Sammy Baugh

A Princeton-Yale program more than 80 years old.

The program from one of the most famous games of all time - the "Win One for The Gipper" game, Notre Dame-Army, 1928

Take your shoes off when you walk on this rug - centers suffer enough as it is!

Hey- there's his office! Let's take a peek inside and see if he's in there!

One of NFL Films' many awards, surrounded by a pair of helmets - at right, the 1960 Dallas Texans'!

A cover from Collier's, once one of America's most popular magazines

Back before there were video games, American boys killed time reading dime novels