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195. We see all sorts of variations of the 5-3, often with the DT head up on our OT, and I'm embarrassed to say that I don't have the trap in yet. I asked the kids which one they would rather run and they all said trap, so trap it is. They've run it before, so we can install it and run it this Saturday.

So, on a 3T2 (vs this 5-3) I'm trapping the DT. Should both the TE and OT release inside on the MLB? I don't block the DE, but then should I have the playside wing got the OLB? The way it usually plays out is that the OLB is flying to the wings movement, so the wing kind of continues to help him to the outside and the FB runs in that channel between the MLB and OLB. I haven't been that successful with the trap in the past, probably for a couple of reasons....not a good enough push from C-G double team vs an odd front, and FB not kind of angling to the right a bit (on 3T2) after the handoff, in the past, he had just plowed straight ahead into the double team(s). I have had kids wrap up the FB, then let him go thinking that the wing had the ball.

Since our trap is meant mainly to complement our sweep, I think that the combination of the motion and the QB's fake should be enough to occupy the DE, and the OLB, too.

So you get a double-team on the nose and if your tackle can release inside onto the MLB he does so - but the key is that in doing so he must not so much as graze the DT. If he is smart enough, we will even let him take an intelligent split against a "4" or "5" technique in order to facilitate his release. We 'd rather he didn't release outside or he'll get in the way of the TE, who is also going after the MLB, increasing the likelihood that neither will get him.

If he can't release inside, even after taking a slight split, I will have him sucker the DT by either pulling outside and blocking the DE or - and this is really cool - setting up as if to pass block the DT.

In any case, with the TE also coming down onto the MLB, so you may get two guys on him.

Tip- to help your B-Back understand where to run, stand him behind the offense with you, and run the play (without him) and let him see where his blocking is. Once he learns it, he won't forget it.



TIPS 1-25
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131- Basic core of plays- HS

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118. Prevent Fumbling

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168. Blocking below the waist

193. Power play to shortside of unbalanced

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44. How many plays?

(I don't issue the number)

94. Difference from Del.

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25. Unbalanced

50. Attacking the knees

75. Who is eligible?

100. Submarining DT's?

125. Head Coach's Job

150. Rank importance of position coaches

175. Which counter play to run?


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